The Manhattan Fish Market in Ikebukuro


If you want something other than Japanese food in Japan, then check out The Manhattan Fish Market in Ikebukuro. Specializing in American-style seafood, this restaurant has one of the best fish and chips in Japan. Apparently, although the name of the restaurant contains “Manhattan” in it, there isn’t even 1 location in the United States. Turns out that this franchise actually originated somewhere in Malaysia or Singapore.

The Manhattan Fish Market in Ikebukuro

The Manhattan Fish Market in Ikebukuro

I went when the restaurant recently opened. There was a dish the “Grand Opening Special”. When I stepped inside, I did notice that there were a lot of foreigners (I’m assuming they were Singaporeans) which was a little surprising since well, we’re in Japan. Anyway, the atmosphere, lighting, and interior was pretty nice. I sat and was brought the menu. Of course, I opened the drinks menu first. Apparently, there are no alcoholic drinks. This is on purpose though. Because of the Halal connection to the restaurant, no alcohol is served in the restaurant. I thought it was pretty interesting because almost every food establishment in Japan serves alcohol. Anyway, no alcohol wasn’t a big deal for me so on we go. There were many types of fish and chips to choose from and also pasta.

I ended up choosing the Grand Opening Special because it was a steal! It contained 2 Gummy Bear drinks, 1 salad, and 1 Manhattan Platter (don’t remember the full name), which came out to only about 3,000 yen. If you got the platter alone, it would have been 3,000 yen. So you do the math. The food was tasted amazing. Furthermore, the was even a small show when the Manhattan Platter was brought out. A worker would light the platter on fire with a lighter in front of your eyes. It was a little dangerous in my opinion because the worker had to work the lighter with one hand and hold onto the platter with the other hand. And the platter’s pretty big. But hey, it wouldn’t be exciting without some danger right? lol. Props to the worker. The sauce they gave wasn’t your average tartar sauce. I think it was probably their own recipe. However, you can get ketchup, regular tartar sauce, and honey mustard upon request. I recommend the honey mustard if you have a sweet tooth. The salad was above average and the Gummy Bear drinks were delicious. The service was great as well.

I really wanted to try the dessert, but we couldn’t finish the food. However, I did get coupons for free dessert next time. If you’re craving for some awesome fish and chips, then I definitely recommend The Manhattan Fish Market in Ikebukuro.

The Manhattan Fish Market, Ikebukuro
Sankei 33 Building B1F, 1 Chome-4-2 Higashiikebukuro

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