Shopping for Gym Apparel in Japan


Gym Apparel in JapanGym apparel in Japan can be hard to find. First off, Japan as a country is not too fond of building muscle. That means that it will be harder to find gym apparel for bodybuilding due to the smaller market. You’ve probably already noticed how skinny the Japanese people are. When you go to gyms in Japan, you can see right away that there are more cardio equipment than there are weightlifting equipment. This is because Japanese people don’t really care about building muscle. They are only interested in doing cardio and getting skinny. Furthermore, Japanese people are very conservative. Japanese men usually wear training shirts that cover their shoulders to the gym. Japanese women usually wear leggings, and almost never wear tops or vests that show a lot of skin to the gym. The ones that do show skin are usually personal trainers or class instructors. However, their are some brave Japanese souls who choose not to follow the crowd.

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