Milk Tea in Taiwan


Okay, I’ll be honest. I kind of forgot to post my milk tea in Taiwan pictures that I took when I was in Taiwan, let alone write the article about it. But hey, better late than never, right?

Milk Tea in Taiwan

Milk Tea in Taiwan

Milk Tea in Taiwan

So milk tea in Taiwan. If you want to have the best milk tea, it’d be common sense to go get it from where it originated from, right? During my two week trip to Taipei, Taiwan, I’ve visited at least 8 different specialized milk tea shops. These milk tea shops only served milk tea products. Milk tea is popular in Taiwan, so it’s served almost everywhere. You’ll find restaurants and dessert places serving milk tea because it’s so popular there.

One key aspect I noticed is that all specialized milk tea shops had no seating. The shops were small and only had what was necessary to make milk tea drinks. On slow days, one person is enough to manage the shop. However, if it’s one of those busy milk tea shops that are located in a place with a lot of people like a mall, then there would be at least 4-5 people working that shift.

There’s always one person at the cashier. He/she takes the order, enters it into the computer (which prints out a label of the order details), and reports to someone else who makes the drink. When ordering, you’re asked how much ice and sugar you want (more information shown below). I usually order my milk tea as 少冰少糖 or less ice, less sugar. Sizes of the drinks are usually medium and large size. You can also choose to have your drink hot, which is great for cold days.

Ordering Milk Tea

Milk Tea in Taiwan

Milk Tea in Taiwan

Ice Quantity
Regular Ice: (正常冰)
Less Ice: (少冰)
No Ice: (去冰)
Warm: (溫飲)
Hot: (熱飲)

Sugar Quantity
Full Sugar: 100% (全糖)
Less Sugar: 70%~80% (少糖)
Half sugar: 50% (半糖)
Some sugar: 20%~30% (微糖)
No Sugar: 0% (無糖)

After your drink is made, they usually put it in a small to-go plastic bag with its straw. I usually tell them I don’t need the bag as I just drink it as I’m walking. I assume they put them in bags because there’s no where to sit and drink.

Depending on the shop, the design of the cup will either be clear or colored. I personally like it clear so I can see through the cup and suck up the bubbles. Some shops don’t have clear cups but rather have it completely colored. I think it’s for marketing purposes as it’s easier to see the logo due to the background being solid, but I could be completely wrong.

Something to keep in mind is that not all drinks come with pearls or bubbles. In fact, I think only the “pearl milk tea” drink comes with pearls. Hear me out on this. Unlike other places like Hawaii, all the drinks come with pearls regardless if it’s chocolate flavor, green tea flavor, or whatever. However, in Taiwan, only the drink called “pearl milk tea” comes with pearls. I’m not sure if you have to request it or what not, but not all milk tea in Taiwan come with pearls. Other than serving milk tea, there are also teas, lattes, and juices. Some of the juices came with jelly.

Example Milk Tea Menu

Here’s an example menu from one of the milk tea shops I visited, but unfortunately it’s in traditional Chinese.

Milk Tea Shops

Here are links to some of the specialized milk tea shops in Taiwan that I visited: