Mongolian Restaurant Aozora at Hatagaya

Had my first time drinking kumis or mare’s milk at Mongolian Restaurant Aozora’s. Located a few minutes away from Hatagaya Station, the Mongolian restaurant is on the second floor. They even have an English menu. I had two different types of kumis’. The first one was white and creamy, but had a sour taste to it which I wasn’t used to. But hey, at least I tried. The second kumis was much better. It was clear, but yet a little cream and the best part, it was sweet. See the pictures below.

And of course you always need something to snack on while drinking. I ordered a dish called lamb tomatoes and eggs which was a stir-fried dish containing lamb, eggs, vegetables.

If you’re ever in the Shibuya area of Tokyo and want to try some authentic Mongolian food, Aozora is the place to go. Below is the address for your convenience.

Lamb Tomato and Eggs from Aozora, Hatagaya

Lamb Tomato and Eggs from Aozora, Hatagaya

2-7-9 Hatagaya, Naka Building 2F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo