Gold’s Gym Japan

A little over a month ago, I decided to make the big jump from Joyfit 24 to the famous Gold’s Gym Japan. Known throughout the world, Gold’s Gym is known for the place where hardcore lifters go and oh boy did it not disappoint. The change from Joyfit 24 to Gold’s Gym was like middle school to a university. The gym was bigger, better, and badder (in a good way). The selection in equipment was mind-blowing. More than half the equipment there were equipment I’d only see on TV or on the computer. With the wide variety of equipment, it’s almost impossible to hit a plateau! On the walls were pictures of actual bodybuilders and athletes. There were even TV screens with videos of professional bodybuilders. Not only was the atmosphere intense, but so were the people. The crowd was much noticeably bigger and serious, both male and females. Almost everyone would take a protein shake and/or pre-workout shakeout. Not to mention, there is also a protein shake bar which you can purchase a shake from the vending machine. If you’ve been seriously lifting for at least 2 years, then I think you’re ready to move onto signing up for Gold’s Gym. Another interesting thing is that there’s a women’s training zone, where only women are allowed to enter. No idea why they have this. Maybe girls don’t like to use machines that were used by sweaty men? Also, they have studios where there are classes almost everyday. There are other things like saunas, jacuzzi, and stuff, but it varies location by location. Like most other gyms in Japan, you’re required to bring your gym shoes and change when you get there. There are also showers there, but it’s not as private. You get your own stall, but it’s not really that private. I think you’re supposed to go in butt naked, but I just go in with my boxers on and bring a towel and my new pair inside with me.

The main reason that took me so long to switch over to Gold’s Gym Japan was definitely the price factor. When signing up, I had to pay around 24,000 JPY upfront (includes the 1st month’s pay). Then every month after that, I have to pay 12,000 JPY (excluding tax). This is roughly $120 USD per month! The average back in the states is about $30 USD per month! Japan is expensive, but this is super expensive! It was a plus that I can go to any Gold’s Gym with this membership, but this is a standard already. Almost all gyms allow that! But this change was definitely needed for me. Going to my previous gym, I felt my motivation dropping day by day. Not only was the equipment limited, which limited the variation of my workouts, but the atmosphere was boring there. There was no competition and motivation. It’s like I was riding my bicycle I had when I was a child, I’ve outgrown it.

Golds Gym Japan

Golds Gym Japan

Gold’s Gym Japan is definitely on another level when compared to other gyms. If you’re a seriously lifter, the location is convenient, and membership price isn’t a problem, then definitely make the change. If not, I recommend just sticking with the regular 24 hour fitness gyms like Anytime Fitness and Joyfit 24. Although Gold’s Gym is pretty good, it’s not 24 hours and some of the interior and equipment can be old. I’ve been to the Otsuka, Omotesando, Harajuku, and Shibuya location so far and hands down, Harajuku’s one is the best. The Harajuku location is open 24 hours, but the others aren’t. Also, I think they were recently renovated so the interior is new and the equipment is new (most of it). Also, they have a jacuzzi in the shower room which also was new! Almost forgot, Gold’s Gym is not open everyday. Depending on the location, the gym closes every 2nd or 3rd Monday of the month for maintenance purpsoes. Of all days, why do they choose Monday? Does Japan not know that Mondays is International Chest Day?

After working out, you could just get a protein shake from the protein shake bar but it does get pricey if you go 5 days per week. A shake costs roughly 400 JPY depending on how much protein you get, so you’ll roughly spend about 14,000 JPY on just post-workout protein shakes per month. If you’re on a budget, I recommend buying online from I’ve listed some links for your convenience. I’ve also attached a referral code so you can get a discount. I buy all my pre-workout, creatine, whey protein, and other supplements from there and I definitely spend way less than 14,000 JPY per month (and that’s for everything, not just whey protein).

Please see this post and scroll down to the bottom for my tips on how to get a steal on buying whey protein. You can also use it for buying other supplements as well.

Magnolia Bakery in Japan

My visit to Magnolia Bakery in Japan actually occurred about two months ago when it just opened. I came about an hour after opening but still had to wait at least an hour in line. Each step I took in line, the more excited I got. The queue was like a tour. When people got near the window where they could see inside, they would all take out their smartphones and take pictures. While I was waiting in line, I was given a menu. However, I was already prepared with I wanted to order as I had already wrote down my checklist on Evernote the night before. But I looked at the menu anyway since there was time to kill. First thing I noticed was that there was no red velvet on the menu. I repeat, no red velvet cupcake on the menu. I thought it was strange because that’s like a staple flavor, but I guess the Japanese don’t like red velvet?

Anyway, it was finally my turn to order. I asked for a coconut cupcake. And I was told they ran out. Bulls**t. It’s Monday and it’s only been an hour or two after opening and there was no coconut cupcake. Not only that, only half the flavors on the menu were actually available. Furthermore, as I went down the line, I saw red velvet… CHEESECAKE, not cupcake. It wasn’t on the menu, but hey I was craving red velvet so I thought I’d give it a try. One of the workers could speak English and told me they don’t have red velvet cupcakes at the Japan location, but they have red velvet cheesecake. I wanted to ask why, but she looked busy so I decided not to.

I paid and managed to get seated at one of the not many seats available and away I went…

  • Banana pudding – to die for.
  • Red velvet cheesecake – it was alright, but red velvet and cheesecake just don’t mix in my opinion.
  • Peanut butter cupcake – great, especially with the jelly filling.
  • Keylime cheesecake – delicious.
Magnolia Bakery in Tokyo, Japan

Magnolia Bakery in Tokyo, Japan

In conclusion, my expectations were met and I was satisfied. However, I was shocked that there was no red velvet cupcake, but instead there was red velvet cheesecake which wasn’t quite for me. Lastly, only half of the cupcake flavors on the menu were available.

Magnolia Bakery, Omotesando
5-10-1 GYRE B1F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to
03 6450 5800