Pasela Resorts in Shinjuku


Pasela Resorts. Never heard of it right? Neither did I until just a few months ago. After my first time going to it, I started seeing more and more it everywhere. The thing is, Pasela Resorts isn’t just one type of thing. It’s like an all-in-one. What I mean is, they have cafes, restaurants, karaokes, bars, ballrooms, and more. And on top of that, each location can have a different theme. What I mean is, there could be an anime-themed restaurant, tropical-themed sports bar, Egyptian-themed karaoke, etc. Pasela Resorts is pretty much a big chain of different themed establishments located all over Japan. Oh and the best part of Pasela is that it’s opened 24 hours!

Pasela Resorts Urban Oasis

Kahlua Milk with Pocky from Pasela Resorts

Kahlua Milk with Pocky from Pasela Resorts

However, for this post I’ll be talking about the Pasela Resorts Urban Oasis located at Shinjuku. For this day, we went to the karaoke venue. We went on a Friday night around 10:30PM for 2 hours, which is a busy time, so you can expect high prices. Luckily Japan loves to have all-you-can-drink options, so that’s we we did. But it still ended up coming to about 3,500 yen or 35 dollars per person. Although this seems like a decent price because the room fees are included as well, it isn’t because the drinks took forever to come. Everything is ordered with a remote. Other than songs being chosen through a remote, food and drinks are also ordered. Our drinks took about 20-30 minutes to come after being inserted in the remote. Because of that, we started ordering a lot of drinks at once. I personally ordered 5 drinks at one time for myself. But that didn’t help because then I’d be getting missing orders. What a rip off. Nah, nah, I don’t mean it. Next time, I’m going to just avoid the beers and cocktails and go straight for whiskey on the rocks. I probably won’t though because their cocktail choices sound so good. They have awesome flavors that you can’t find in the states.

Honey Toast Royal Milk Tea Flavor from Pasela Resorts

Honey Toast Royal Milk Tea Flavor from Pasela Resorts

Speaking about awesome flavors, even their food has a cool selection. For example, their Honey Toast. They actually have a Honey Toast Royal Milk Tea flavor. It was out of this world. This was probably the best Honey Toast I’ve ever had in my entire life. I also ordered an extra scoop of milk tea ice cream. If you’re going to order Honey Toast, don’t worry about eating beforehand because this will definitely fill you up.

Let’s talk about the room and the karaoke itself. The place was super nice and clean. Since it had an “urban oasis” theme, there was like music you’d hear from the Arabian Nights and the interior were all designed with an Arabian Nights theme. My girlfriend thinks that Pasela has the best and nicest karaoke rooms in all of Japan. I couldn’t agree more. The selection of music wasn’t bad at all. In fact, there were some classics that even the states barely had. However, they didn’t have up-to-date music, which is understandable because even movies take at least a few months before it’s shown in Japan. Other than no up-to-date music, the selection of music was kind of stupid. You could only choose music by the artist and song name. However, you could only choose it by the first letter. What I mean is that you had to of have the artist and/or song name in your head beforehand. So you could just browse through a list of artists or song names alphabetically. You had of known the artist and song name beforehand and search for it manually through the remote. This was kind of tough, because I usually don’t walk into a karaoke room with a list of the songs I want to sing prepared.

Overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons. Although a little pricey, this is Japan and going out and having fun is expected to take a blow to your wallet. Especially if you’re going to more than one establishment in the same night. The food, drinks, songs, and the room were to my standard if not better. I definitely wouldn’t mind going to Pasela Resorts again for karaoke. Definitely check this place out if you want to party. I’ve listed the address of the Shinjuku Pasela Resorts Urban Oasis location below, but unfortunately it’s in Japanese. I couldn’t find an English translation of it.

Pasela Resorts Shinjuku
1-3-16 Kabukicho, Shinjuku 160-0021, Tokyo

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