Confused ABC

Confused ABC

Hi, my name is Alan and I’m a confused ABC (American Born Chinese). I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where I spent most of my life. My parents were born in southern China and lived there for a good amount time before immigrating to Hawaii. I have an older and younger brother, both of whom I speak to in English. However, with my parents and relatives (excluding their kids), I speak to them in Cantonese. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to read and write Chinese. Although I was sent to Chinese school when I was young, I ended up not going anymore because I felt it was boring and useless in life, which I regret horribly til this day.

During college, I did a summer study abroad to Tokyo, Japan. I stayed with a home-stay family and I have to say, I was pretty lucky to get a great family. They treated me like I was apart of the family and it was because of them that I had an awesome experience in Japan.

After graduating with a Business degree, I found myself lost. I did not know what to do with my life. Normally, a person would find a job that uses their degree and move up the ladder. But for me, I realized that I probably only majored in Business because everyone else was doing it and it was cool to dress up. Yes, that was pretty dumb. Anyway, so I was confused about my future and one day my dad suggested that I go study Mandarin Chinese in China since the Chinese economy was on the rise. And so I did. I packed my bags and left for Shanghai, China. There, I studied Mandarin for about 4 months. I started from the beginning because although I could speak Cantonese, I couldn’t speak Mandarin. Furthermore, I didn’t know how to read or write Chinese. However, knowing how to speak some Cantonese did help a lot in learning Mandarin due to the similar sentence structure. Anyway, the 4 months in Shanghai was a blast. Not because I was studying Chinese, but because I was being a foreigner in a foreign country which means: PARTY! The alcohol in China is so cheap! Clubbing in China is so cheap. Taxi is so cheap. Pretty much everything is cheap there! So during those 4 months, I partied like there was no tomorrow.

The 4 months went by pretty fast. I made a lot of friends. I made a lot of memories. I also spent a lot of my parents’ money and returned home the same as when I left for China, but happier. A lot happier. Well, I guess I did learn some Mandarin too. Anyway, next I decided to go Shenzhen (near Hong Kong) for a year where I’d teach English and you guessed it… party! Hey, YOLO (You Only Live Once) right?

A year later and I’m back at home again… empty-handed. Well, at least this time I had my own salary and didn’t spend my parents’ money on booze. Also, my Chinese did improved significantly, both written and spoken. Not to mention, I did have a lot of fun, gained a lot of experience, and made lot of great friends from all over the world which I think is priceless. Anyway, I was at a roadblock again and confused about my future.

Back home in Hawaii, I met my current girlfriend, who happens to be from Japan. She was in Hawaii studying English, but had to go back to Japan afterwards. We kept in touch daily, and I eventually decided to move to Japan and live together with her. Now, I’m in a foreign land where English is not the main language and trying figure out life. I feel like my situation is only getting worse. So now I’m in Japan and STILL trying to figure out life. Confused.

I tried my best in keeping my life-story short. Hope it was clear enough to give you a better picture of my life. I’ll be updating and adding more content as time goes by. Thanks for reading.