Sunday Night Out in Ikebukuro


It’s been a while since I’ve been out, let alone drink alcohol. I’ve been trying my best to stay home and save money ever since I came back from Taiwan back in December. As much as I love Japan, it’s just too damn expensive here.

Hoegaarden Beer

Hoegaarden Beer

So on with my night out in Ikebukuro. I met up with my friend at a place called Beer Saurus. It’s like a 5 minute walk from the Ikebukuro West Exit. I found this place online and read that they had happy hour from 6-8PM daily where beers are 50% off, and that included Hoegaarden. Yup, so you could say I specifically chose this place because of the half-off Hoegaarden. A big glass came out to about 850 yen. I also tried out the Heartland beer from Kirin, which wasn’t bad. The atmosphere wasn’t bad. It was similar to a sports bar kind of feel, but without the HDTV’s, pool table, darts, etc. On a side note, the place was really English ready which was perfect for me. I also liked the restrooms they had there. Why? Because they had pictures of semi-naked women on the walls! It was a little distracting, so I had to wait until I was finished urinating before taking a good look at the pictures. After half way done with my first glass of Hoegaarden, we started getting hungry so we ordered some buffalo wings and omurice. I have to say, the food was great. We were done around when happy hour was about to end. As I got the bill, the waiter brought over a box with slips of paper inside. Apparently, they had a special where you get to draw a slip for each 3,000 yen you spent. The bill came out to a little over 6,000 yen so we were allowed to draw twice. I wasn’t expecting much, but after handing them the slips, they brought over an object wrapped in newspaper and a black ticket. Turns out we won a glass cup and a coupon for 20 buffalo wings (the buffalo wings alone are worth about 2,000 yen). I was pretty happy. Cheap beer, great food, and free gifts! I’m definitely coming back to this place again, but of course during happy hour.

Beer Saurus
SEIKO Building 3F
1-38-5 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku
Tokyo, 171-0021

Next stop we went to the local Pub. For those of you that don’t know Pub, it’s a British Pub that’s English-friendly and they have it all over Tokyo. In fact, I think there’s 3 alone in Shibuya. I might be wrong though since I was pretty wasted the night that I think I hit all 3 Shibuya Pubs in one night. Anyway, they have their own happy hour too but by the time we got there, it was over. My friend and I ordered two of the cocktail towers and some snacks to save money. I was pretty drunk. I didn’t puke, but I was close to it. My tolerance is usually pretty high, but once you stop drinking for awhile, you have to start back from 0. I ended up taking about a little over an hour to get home, which should have only took me about half an hour. I kind of got mixed up with the express trains and ended up going past my station and went back and fourth a few times.